Photochemical milling is a high technology process which basically consists of controlled removal of metal particles through solutions with a combined chemical and physical action. This process is particularly convenient in the case of high precision, complex geometry objects, and can be used for a broad range of metal and alloys, with a broad scale of thicknesses.
The individual pieces are kept together through tie-ins or tabs and can be detached manually or by a cutting machine.
The benefits of Photochemical machining are:
Capability of etch all metals from 0,02mm to 1,50mm thickness.

Extremely high precision, ability to meet very tight tolerances, fast turnaround time.
Wear-free low cost tooling, quick and changes.

Needed documents:

Mechanical drawing and/or file of the 2D layout, and/or drawing of the physical objects including all dimensions.



Multi level Stencil details

Thickness  0.200 mm 

step-up 0.500 mm

With Chemical Ething and Micro Laser Cut is possibile to have Multi level stencil with a perfect control on step up and step down