Since the beginning we have always been offering SMD stencils for silkscreen frames, including self stretching frames, also directly to End User. We have always been providing high quality at low cost together with innovative approaches and solutions. Both Etching and Laser cutting process can be ordered to manufacture SMD stencils.

Avaible Material:

Nikel Silver                Thikness: 0.12-0.15-0.200-0.250 mm

Stainless steel        Thikness:  : 0.10-0.12-0.15-0.18-0.200-0.250 mm 


Technology :         Chemical Etching  general Tolerance +/- 0.02 mm

                          Micro Laser Cut  general Tolerance +/- 0.01 mm

Delivery time:

Chemical Etching 3 gg lav.

Micro Laser Cut 2 gg lav.




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